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About Us

North American Plywood Corporation is a specialty plywood importer/wholesaler founded in 1948. We offer products that are of the highest quality and manufactured by the world’s best plywood factories around the world. Panels with special coatings, finishes, cores and sizes are our specialty. We can supply panels up to 7'x20' with a thickness up to 4”. Custom panel sizing and CNC machining is all done in house with new state of the art equipment. One of the largest 60” wide UV finishing lines is available for 1 and 2 sided UV finishes on panels up to 5'x12'. Also PUR laminating line lets us offer an almost limitless variety of laminated panels.


As you can see from our list of products below, we supply quite a wide range of plywood’s. Our customers manufacture items as small as jewelry boxes on one end all the way up to Class A Motorhomes. One common factor for all our customers is that they all require the highest quality woods. We are constantly working with our mills to assure our customers a consistent product. We stock large quantities throughout the United States for just-in-time inventory.

Russian Birch

Russian birch is renowned for its tight grain structure, strength and hardness. The cost/strength ratio of Russian Birch plywood is among the highest of any raw material.

Lite Ply®

If weight is a concern specify Lite Ply. Lite Ply has numerous applications and capabilities for many industries, such as boating, displays, R.V. interiors and model hobby industry.

Euro Form

Euro Form is bonded with a phenolic resin adhesive which is weather and boil proof. The formaldehyde glue emissions are classified as E-1, the lowest available in the industry.

Finland Form

Finland Form® from NAPC has proudly become the standard by which other form panels are judged. Manufactured with 1.4mm rotary-cut birch veneers, even the thinnest panels provide uncommon strength with a smooth surface.

Laser Dieboards

Laser Dieboards are made to exacting thickness tolerances of +/- .008 inches. The glues used in Laser Dieboards are specially formulated for use with lasers and won’t flame up like other glues can.


Wigglewood ® is an industrial panel specifically made for bending. Both long and short grain directions are available. Standard sizes are 3mm and 8mm 4′ x 8′ and 8′ x 4′ with other lengths and thicknesses available.

Specialty Plywoods

Crib Ply

When it comes to outrigger pad performance, accept no imitations! We use only the finest materials and most advanced manufacturing techniques to assure our pads go the distance under extreme pressure situations.


North American Plywood has grown to be one of the largest value added/component manufactures in the United States. We use state-of-the-art equipment to make the highest quality components available. We get the job done and on time, every time. With our complete vertical integration we ship the part not the waste.

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